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What Things Are Saturnine, Or Under The Power of Saturn:

Amongst Metals, Lead, by reason of its weight.

Amongst Stones, the Onyx, and all dark, weighty, earthy things.

Amongst Plants, the Rue, Hellebore, Mandrake, Opium, those things which stupefy, and those things which are never sown, and never bear fruit.

And the Cypress tree used at burials, of a black shadow, never dies with age, with which they were wont anciently to strew the graves before they put the dead bodies into them.

Also all creeping animals, living apart and solitary, nightly, sad, contemplative, melancholy, of these kinds therefore are the Cat, the Wolf, the Hare, the Toad, all Serpents.

Amongst Birds, those are Saturnine such as the Owl, the Crow, the Bat.

For Saturn, take the seed of black poppy, the root of mandrake, and make them up with the brain of a cat or the blood of a bat.

All dark, underground, mournful places, such as graveyards, tombs, and houses not inhabited by men, and old, tottering, obscure, dreadful houses, and solitary dens, caves and pits, such like are appropriated to Saturn.

Heinrich Agrippa

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Shakespeare Characters’ Zodiac Signs

(hot-tempered individualist blinded by his anger)

(stubborn sensualist with an insatiable appetite)

(mercurial twin who switches gender roles)

(fairy queen with a soft spot for children and fools)

LeoKing Lear
(proud and vain father fooled by flattery)

(sharp and demanding critic obsessed with details)

LibraRomeo & Juliet
(confused lovers torn between separate groups)

ScorpioMacbeth & Lady Macbeth
(cunning and complex manipulators)

(exiled wanderer whose magic becomes reckless)

(melancholic hermit who cynically observes others)

(depressed and suicidal rebel who upsets his family)

(sensitive and spiritual introvert suffering for others)

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